Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January- Ag Careers!

I had a great time meeting with the 4th graders today!  Our topic was Careers in Agriculture.  I had planned that we would play "Ag Career Bingo" I may have misjudged my timing a little and found myself in a little bit of a crunch prior to getting to the school.  Thanks to some of my amazing co-workers, pulling together to help cut out  500 1"x1" bingo pieces!  They were a huge help!

When I arrived in the classroom I had the students design their own bingo cards with several agricultural careers in the spots where numbers usually reside.  We went through a short powerpoint highlighting several careers in agriculture including: Loan Officer, Truck Driver, Chemist, Agronomist, Machinery Salesman, Farmer, Rancher, Animal Nutritionist and many others.  We then played a game of Ag Career Bingo, where I drew out definitions of the careers and the kids got to guess which career I was talking about!  We heard some great stories about how almost each of the students knew someone with a career in agriculture!

Next week they will be attending the KMOT Ag Expo in Minot for Living Ag Classroom , please stay tuned for another blog post!

Here are some pictures from today:

My awesome co-workers helping me out!  Thanks Darrell, Bryan, Doug & Ruth!!!

Checking out some Ag Careers!

Everyone got to make their own Bingo Cards!

All of the students are such good listeners!

Sweet Bingo markers for sweet kids!

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