Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Winter slump?

March is almost over, we are all getting tired of this up and down and up and down again weather, and it doesn't appear that we are getting any closer to entering the field!  Now, we all know the snow will melt but it's the waiting that get's to me.

Every winter I say it won't happen to me,
I won't:
Eat to much and gain the weight I lost last summer...ugh wrong again
Start sleeping in before work and stay on my 5:30am schedule...alarm went off until 7:15 this morning :S
Fall behind on reading Ag advocacy blogs, online news articles and listening to radio news...

unfortunately this last one has gotten the best of me. I always have the best of intentions to stay current on daily happenings, however, when I'm not driving around checking fields and visiting farms everyday, my radio strays away from KCJB or KFYR and I don't stay current with life happening around me.  All summer long I find it easier to keep up, probably because the radio is always on.  But, during the winter months, when I actually have time to reply to Blog posts and articles I find myself lacking.

Yesterday I decided to take 5 minutes and hop on a blog that I used to read faithfully the Beef Daily Blog by Amanda Radke.  In her blog, she talked about HSUS and their attacks on Animal Agriculture. I couldn't help but repost on Facebook and saw that the video she posted went viral throughout my friends, repost after repost! The power of social media is amazing!  This led into an evening filled with catching up on blogs that I haven't read in far too long!  I learned about Prince Harry (Thank you Jamie May!) and about a friends kids that have been finding joy in simple objects (Great post Katie!) I sat for an hour reading up on what people have been up to or how people are getting active, staying in touch with Agriculture, and was inspired!

I firmly resolve, to get my butt in gear, I have decided to publicly post this so I have something to keep reminding me!  I challenge everyone to read a blog post or a news article every day.  So often we let life get the best of us and we get behind, I know I'm guilty but hopefully the sunshine and warm weather coming will kick start a new beginning!  Spring is coming!

Please stay tuned I will be visiting my 4th graders on Thursday!  A new blog post is on the way!