Thursday, September 22, 2011


So there I was, a 24 year old girl standing in the middle of the Minot State University Dome preparing to tell high school students why they should pursue a career in agriculture. Pretty easy task huh?

I had fact and figures all ready to go:
  • Agriculture is the #1 industry in the State of North Dakota
  • Every Year there are over 48,000 jobs open Nation wide in the Ag Sector
  • Wanna live in the city? almost 17% of metropolitan jobs are ag related
That's gonna get them isn't it? Who wouldn't want to be an aggie now? These facts, combined with a pure love for all that agriculture stands for and we can secure a bright future for the world food supply, right?

I must admit I've never been so fearful looking around that gym floor with 40+ other tables around the room where people sat who held the very same passion for their careers as I do for mine. How can I even attract young people to my table? Why would they even want to come listen to what my boss and I had to say that day?

Then the moment of truth came...the announcer came over the loud speaker and said "Students, there will be three 20 minute sessions where you find a table that interests you and learn about that career, you have 3 minutes to find your first table"  Blood begins to drain from my face as I see student after student pass up our table (I wonder if I should have brought ice cream, maybe flashlights? Ya that would have gotten them to sit down with us) Then, 2 nice girls come walking up to our table and quietly sit down (YES! I think to myself, we got a few to give us a shot!) slowly but surely our table filled up! Actually, it filled up so full that we grabbed a few more chairs and assured the students that there would be another 2 sessions they could come listen in on our talk.

Why would those young people sit down at our table you ask? I'd like to say it was my good looks, but I can happily admit that it was that these students have a passion for agriculture!  They are excited about the direction it's headed in and believe in the future of this fantastic industry.
Which now brings me to a big thank you:  Thank you Parents, 4-H leaders, and FFA Advisers, it is quite apparent that you imperative people continue to instill the Agriculture way of life and it's values!  Go "AG" team!!!

For the next 20 minutes, my boss and I discussed what we do on a daily basis and why we like it so much.  We told these young people of the opportunities in agriculture and why we have both pursued careers in this industry. Now I'm not sure if we convinced any future agronomists of their potential career paths, but I think we both left that day proud to be part of an industry full of excitement and new things.

If you get the chance I recommend you tell a young person why it is that you do what you do.  I often go to work each day never considering the question.  But, that day I defended my decision on why it is that I love getting up in the morning and spending the entire day helping farmers produce the food that feeds the world with a smile on my face and dirt on my shoes.  Who knew I'd feel so blessed!